Sunday, February 27, 2011

Phil Wood, White Industries Trials Freewheel

I am taking a minute to explain to my many followers on this blog (wink/wink, and some laughing, and then some crying). In case there is someone out there interested in reviews of battle tested singlespeed gear, here goes: Phil Wood rear hub, 3 and half years, twice a week, lot's of mud, no problem, like new. It's not the lightest thing in the world, but it's dealt with a lot of wet sloppy weather and it's going strong. White Industries Trials Freewheel: easily my favorite singlespeed part. Instant engagement. That is really great in singlespeeding because you are always dependent on every inch of your pedal stroke. I am a month short of 3 years with this. No problems what so ever. Silky smooth in the sloppiest glop. Micro back-pedals, readjustments, instant on, trial precision on logs or whatever.


Doug said...

Those WI trials freewheels sound pretty sweet. I'll probably make that upgrade when I wear out my Shimano 18t. Can't wait for my trails to thaw!

Adam said...

The instant engagement rules on the S.S. with the W.I. Let me know what you think when you upgrade.

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