Sunday, February 27, 2011

4130 Cro-Mo Fatties Fit Fine

I haven't pushed the limits on the "Fatties Fit Fine" spacing. I've had the same 2.35 Maxxis Minions on this for a year and a half. They fit fine. Even with a lot of chunky mud, they fit fine. Many singlespeeds get put together very randomly with whatever parts are available, some bailing wire, duct tape and a tensioner from Price Point. My Surly 1x1 is quite the opposite, most of it's parts are picked for very specific reasons, that have very specific applications on the trail. Tires: Maxxis Minions, single ply DH, 2.35, around 850 grams. Grip is super important on a singlespeed, much more so than it's multi-gear and suspension brethren. These tires have big, nicely spaced knobs. The sidewalls are strong, so you can run low tire pressure. I run 16 lbs of pressure. Not one flat in 18 months. This makes things very grippy, and makes about an inch of travel front and back. At even 20 lbs of pressure I would have to put a suspension fork on this bike. Light tires are for other bikes, not Surly 1x1's with the rigid fork. The front ring is from the LX crank set. I like Shimano cranks. This LX and BB have been solid for a year and a half. That is a long life for a bottom bracket in Western Washington when you ride as much as I do. I think the bearings on the outside of the shell has been a good thing in this respect. The Shimano 32 ring is not round. The Surly stainless steel one is not round either. I ran the Surly rings without a bashguard and bent them like crazy. They were fine, but honestly the Shimano with ramps and pins is just as good or better. I am still looking for a "round" front ring. When I have some extra dollars I'll try the White Industries crankset, bb and ring. A friend said that Campy makes some very round rings, I'm not sure how to make that work though. Signing off, remember tires are important, don't buy wimpy ones for your rigid singlespeed. Note: I weight 155 lbs at 5'10". If you are heavier, a bit more tire pressure is needed probably. More weight squishes tires more though, get it. There is a chart or formula in this but I'm not the guy to make it.

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