Sunday, January 20, 2008

Riding with Jake 002

This morning was cloudy, with some fog, and I was wondering what the mood was like at my bridge. I took along a camera from school, a Canon Rebel xti w/28-135 IS 3.5-5.6. It's a new lens for my high school students and I wanted to test it. It's pretty smooth, focuses at a pretty close range (about a foot and a half) and the IS seemed pretty flawless on first use.
The scene at the bridge was not as good as I was hoping, no fog. Oh well. I'll try again on another day. I did muscle my way up Tubbs hill on the way back, which is always an accomplishment on a 42/18 cross bike, carrying two cameras and 4 lenses in a backpack!


glenn said...

Dude, these pics and stories remind me of a better time of reading Bicycling. You have a fresh perspective and not some journalist trying to force articles through a bike rag. Keep it up and if you do ever write for a rag, they'll have a winner.

Adam said...

Thanks glenn, those are kind words and I really appreciate it.