Friday, August 31, 2007

Rennen Rollenlager

If you have spent much time on many of the basic singlespeed tensioners out there, the Surly Singlator and the ones like it, you have become aware that they leave something to be desired. I've heard the Soulcraft one is nice, but I decided to hork up $50 for this Rennen Rollenlager. I haven't installed it yet, but I will and when I've put it to some abuse, I'll report back. My "Piramid" LBS generic brand tensioner got beat nearly to death last night taking my Redline Skookum down Tiger Mountain. Tiger is pretty chundry, and I broke a spoke as well trying to stay with my full susser friends. Anyway the Rollenlager came just in time. I bought it at Black Diamond Backcountry, which is my favorite bike shop, those guys rule in a very serious way.
Oh, yeah, this thing from Rennen is burly, I mean burly, yet surprisingly light. It comes with a half link, which I've never seen come with a tensioner and is a really thoughtful thing to include. You won't use it every time, but sometimes it will save your bacon, and a trip to the bike shop. Nice job Rennen for the half-link.

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